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Whether you are a new insurance member, growing a family or settling down in retirement, Western Insurance Network has the answers for you.

Secure your financial future with the help of the professionals at Western Insurance Network. We offer premium life insurance and retirement solutions at the most competitive rates.

"When you know you want to provide life insurance benefits to your loved ones in the event you die prematurely, it's easy to find yourself confused by all of the different types of policies, and policy options, available.  We will guide you and offer you a solid plan that fits your budget and offers the most value for your family". 

Coastal Life Solutions Life Insurance Sarasota FL 34242


Number of deaths for leading causes of death


  • Heart disease: 696,962

  • Cancer: 602,350

  • COVID-19: 350,831

  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 200,955

  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 160,264

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 152,657

  • Alzheimer’s disease: 134,242

  • Diabetes: 102,188

  • Influenza and pneumonia: 53,544

  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome

Annual United States Road Crash Statistics

More than 46,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways.

The U.S. traffic fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough

to require medical attention.

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services with the top Insurance Carriers.

Coastal Life Solutions-Final Expense

Provide funds to your loved ones

Final Expense 

Rising costs of burials and funerals can challenge any family financially. In 2017, the median cost of a funeral with a viewing and burial was $7,360.*

Western Insurance Network offers Final Expense life insurance that is specially designed to cover those end-of-life costs with a single, lump sum, cash benefit. These funds also provide additional protection for the unexpected expenses that can arise after a loss of a loved one.

*According to the National Funeral Directors Association

Making The Decision 

Western Insurance Network makes it easy to apply for coverage that protects the people you care about most. Customize your coverage amount and term length to match your needs. Easy Application over the phone or in person at your home.

Coastal Life Solutions-making the life insurance decision


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